NCIG Kooragang Island
Rail Embankment Construction

Newcastle, NSW

This project has facilitated the separation of Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) and Port Waratah Coal Services(PWCS) rail arrival roads at Kooragang Island in the City of Newcastle.

Robson, who were engaged by management contractor Aurecon  Hatch, were responsible for the construction of new rail embankments totalling $24m of works which were completed in April 2015.

Scope of Work (Civil)

Robson’s scope of work included construction of formation, earthworks, pavements and drainage for:

  • Down Kooragang Rail Embankment
  • Up Kooragang Deviation
  • NCIG Arrivals West of Up Kooragang Deviation
  • NCIG Arrivals East of Up Kooragang Deviation 
  • NCIG Arrivals Over Deep Pond
  • NCIG Arrivals East of Deep Pond

The project required;

  • General fill - 140,000 tonne
  • Structural fill - 160,000 tonne
  • Geo-fabrics - 160,000 m²

Project Highlights   

  • Robson liaised closely with a number of stakeholders including ground improvement, trackwork, bridge and signalling contractors to deliver the rail embankment package on time and within budget.
  • Comprehensive risk management undertaken to ensure works could be completed within environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Installation and maintenance of over 4.5 km of frog exclusion fencing was implemented to protect the threatened green and gold bell frog species.
  • Robson were commended by Aurecon Hatch recognising them as the best performing contractor under the program of works during their tenure on site. 

Gosford Passing Loops

Gosford, NSW

The Gosford Passing Loops project delivered two passing loops between Gosford and Narara stations to allow freight trains to wait whilst passenger services pass.

Robson undertook works on this $100million contract on behalf of the Principal Contractor Downer, in order to ease a rail bottleneck at Gosford described by Transport for NSW, as “the most serious on the east coast rail network”.

Robson was responsible for the civil component of works (>$40m) which was completed in late 2014.

Scope of Work (Civil)

  • Track formation construction for two refuge loops
  • Embankment construction and cutting widening
  • Longitudinal and intra-track drainage
  • 3500m² of Retaining Walls
  • Six new rail underbridges built each side of the adjacent three existing bridges

Project Highlights   

  • Works were completed six weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Comprehensive risk management undertaken to ensure works could be completed within environmentally sensitive areas.

North Coast Rail Curve Easing

Urunga and Raleigh, NSW

Civil works supporting construction of two Curve Easing sites within the New South Wales North Coast rail corridor for Australian Rail Track Corporation (TEJV alliance).

Project duration of 6 months at a value of $4m.

Scope of Work

  • Each curve involves either widening of existing cuttings or embankments
  • Foundation treatments include removal of unsuitable and replacement with rockfill and drainage material
  • Culvert extension, guardrail and ballast retention structure
  • Pavements to include 500mm of structural fill
  • 150mm of capping and supply and placement of bottom ballast

Rail Heritage Centre

Thirlmere, NSW

Construction of Roundhouse Maintenance Centre (stage 1) and Exhibition Centre (stage 2) for RailCorp.

Regarded as Australia’s premier Rail Heritage Display Centre this facility was opened to the public on 4 February 2011.

Project duration of 24 months at a value of $30m for combined stages.

Scope of Work

  • Remediate site of asbestos and other contaminants
  • Design and construct building and services
  • Earthworks (building pad, service pits, drainage, etc)
  • Construct Roundhouse Maintenance Centre
  • Construct major Exhibition Centre and Link Road
  • Upgrade existing “Great Train Hall”
  • Refurbish and relocate 80-year-old turntable
  • Construct rail sidings and turnouts
  • Construct new coal loading facility
  • Carparks, bus bay, fencing, and landscaping
  • Refurbish and construct heritage water tower
  • Commission and handover the facility

Project Highlights

  • Public Ministerial opening of high profile Rail Heritage Centre acknowledging Robson for delivering a facility that exceeded expectations.
  • In recognition of his outstanding involvement, the Project Engineer Robson assigned to Stage 1 works was awarded the PWI 2009 Young Achiever Award at the PWI annual Convention.

ARTC Northern Improvement Alliance

Ulan, Hunter & North Coast lines, NSW & QLD

Civil works supporting construction of 12 rail crossing loops on the New South Wales Ulan, Hunter, and North Coast rail lines for Australian Rail Track Corporation (TEJV Alliance).

Various packages were completed over a 30 month period at a value of $30m.

Scope of Work

  • Civil works undertaken at 12 rail crossing loops
  • Bulk earthworks and track formation construction
  • Drainage including new and existing culvert extensions
  • Construction of new rail under bridges and over bridges

Project Highlights         

  • Robson established themselves as preferred Civil Contractor to Transport Express JV (TEJV)
  • Re-establishment of a dormant quarry close to the Ulan Line Crossing Loops and utilisation of Robson mobile crushing and screening plant enabled significant savings in the cost of imported materials.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Hunter Valley Rail Network and HV Coal Supply Chain enabled Robson to provide valuable input to project planning and delivery.
  • Consultation with local landowners and community liaison provided accelerated start on various packages

Gosford Stabling Yard

Gosford, NSW

Construction of track formation with concrete walkways for 3 railway sidings for RailCorp.

Project duration of 10 months at a value of $5m.

Scope of Work

  • Construction of amenities and decant facilities
  • Services installation; stormwater, sewer vacuum system and electrical lighting
  • Retaining wall and shotcrete wall construction
  • Construction of train buffer stop structures
  • Construction of carpark, retaining blockwall and landscaped areas
  • Construction of security fencing
  • High voltage power connection and sub-station works

Project Highlights        

  • Meeting RailCorp's stringent milestones for track work and overhead power installation