Bunnings Warehouse

West Gosford, NSW

Clearing, bulk earthworks, drainage, construction of pavements and car park for a new Bunnings outlet for Pluim Commercial Contractors.

Project duration of 6 months at a value of $1.6m.

Scope of Work

  • Clearing and stripping of topsoil
  • Bulk earthworks including the removal and treatment of 3000m³ of unsuitable material
  • Generate and import 12,000m³ of engineered sandstone fill for building pad
  • Place “Geogrid mesh” in two layers within the engineered sandstone fill for building pad  (each layer covers 17,000m²)
  • Construction of pavements
  • Construction of car park including tying new and existing entries into one
  • Reconfigure existing operational Officeworks car park including demolition and replacement of kerbs as well as replace asphalt and install new line marking.

Project Highlights

  • At any one time the site had up to 15 different trades all working in close proximity. Through detailed planning and working closely with other stakeholders, Robson performed their works safely and completed ahead of program
  • Robson worked closely with clients geotechnical engineer using various methods to remove and treat 3000m³ of “unsuitable” material negating the need to spoil material off site reducing both cost and the environmental impact of the project
  • Robson set-up of a concrete crushing circuit involving an excavator, jaw crusher, cone crusher and loader to generate pavement materials through the re-use of demolished reinforced concrete slabs thus providing savings for the client again reducing cost and environmental impact
  • Robson worked with the principal contractor and architect in finalising the design of a bund on site to permanently stockpile surplus material taking into consideration the aesthetics while delivering value for money and reducing the environmental impact of the project

Top Ryde City Retail Centre Redevelopment

Ryde, NSW

Regarded as one of the country’s largest retail redevelopments spanning 3.5 hectares, Robson undertook bulk excavations and construction of access roads and three vehicular tunnels for Bovis Lend Lease.

Project duration of 20 months at a value of $22m.

Scope of Work

  • Bulk excavation and removal of approximately 500,000m³ of material to a depth of up to 20 metres
  • Detailed excavation, including supply and placement of reinforcement and concrete to the entire basement area of the new structure
  • Demolition of existing structure concrete slabs and pavements from original shopping centre
  • Earthworks associated with preparation of cut and fill platforms for Piling Rig contractor
  • Construction of retention system utilising 1000 anchors and 7500m² of shotcrete
  • Associated preliminary works including environmental controls such as road sweeping, dust & noise vibration monitoring and reporting, traffic controls and management of large volumes of truck movements on site with full time truck allocator present

Project Highlights

  • The excavation works involved over 100 truck movements per hour with multiple load out points, truck marshalling and co-ordination issues. 
  • Community liaison was carried out in conjunction with the client as the site was adjacent to multiple offices

Rouse Hill Town Centre

Rouse Hill, NSW

Civil infrastructure works for construction of new community hub in North West Sydney for Bovis Lend Lease.

Project duration of 24 months at a value of $30m.

Scope of Work

  • 250,000m³ of bulk earthworks cut to fill
  • 7km of storm water drainage including large OSD tank
  • 80,000m² of flexible pavements
  • Construction of RTA transit way bus interchange on Western Sydney Transit way with 5,000m² of rigid pavement
  • 5 signalized intersections 
  • 7km of service trenching 
  • Permanent wetland pond structure including 3 pedestrian bridges, honed concrete pavements, a slip formed barrier wall, synthetic clay liners, and a large structural concrete retaining wall

Project Highlights

  • Complex package delivered ahead of program ensuring client’s entire project as a whole was delivered ahead of time
  • Completing construction of a wetland pond with various structural elements directly adjacent to a major waterway without incident

Erina Fair Retail Shopping Centre Extensions

Erina, NSW

Civil infrastructure works associated with $180m expansion of Erina Fair retail shopping centre for Bovis Lend Lease.

Project duration of 20 months at a value of $10m.

Scope of Work

  • Over 250,000 cubic metres of earthworks in rock
  • All detailed excavations
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Internal pavements
  • Intersection upgrades